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As a student living in the digital age, tech is something I've entrenched myself into. Below are some of the digital products I use.

The Stuff I Use

📱 iPhone

I am currently using an iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is the jthird phone I've owned, the first one being the iPhone 11 and the second a 14 Pro. The 3 year gap between the 11 and 14 Pro compelled me to make the upgrade and the difference was certainly night and day. The difference between speed, camera quality, display, etc. really stood out to me.

The reason for switching to the 15 Pro Max was due to the insane battery life as well as the change to USB-C, which finally allowed me to charge everything I need with one cable.

The iPhone is the gateway to so many things Apple, and since I have so deeply integrated everything into the Apple Ecosystem, it makes it almost impossible to switch away from the iPhone lineup.

Colour: Natural Titanium, Storage: 256GB

⌚ Apple Watch

With the iPhone, comes the Apple Watch, another device which I recently upgraded. I currently have the Apple Watch Series 8, after upgrading from a Series 3.

Its health tracking and other features such as Apple Pay make it actually quite an useful item in my arsenal of tech products.

For the band, I went with a graphite Milanese band which adds style and durability without being overly expensive.

Colour: Midnight, Connectivity: GPS only

📝 iPad

The iPad I've used for the longest time is the 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch. To me, it's the perfect combination of size and power, as well as being the ultimate relaxation device.

With it, I have the Apple Pencil for handwriting notes and a Logitech Combo Touch for typing on the go.

I use it at school as well to take notes and to work on digital notebooks, which allows me to have a more paperless school life.

Colour: Space Gray, Storage: 256GB

🖥️ Mac

At home, I have the M1 Mac Mini sitting on my desk. It's the first Mac I've ever owned and could not recommend it enough. Not once have I heard the fans spin up despite all the work I've done on it.

For comparison, my laptop (which I'll mention next), had the fans blaring out even if it was just playing back a YouTube video or opening Discord.

It's such a quality-of-life improvement which has brought not just productivity, but more peace to my workspace.

Memory: 16GB, Storage: 256GB

💻 Laptop

I recently just bought a base model 16-inch MacBook Pro for use at home and at school. Compared to my old Dell XPS, it is so fast, built so well and the battery life is literally insane.

I can now go 3-4 days of school without having to worry about charging and when I do have to charge it, 1-2 hours is all its needs to get back to 100% again. Compare this to my old laptop, which would normally die after half a day of school, the difference is huge. Another plus is that I'm getting these 3-4 days whilst having around 10 apps (including Notion, Discord) all open, all the time. Before on my XPS, I'd have to close each app everytime I put it to sleep, otherwise it would just die during sleep.

Performance is also great, all these apps being open have no effect on the performance at all; no fans can be heard and everything runs buttery smooth. On the XPS, as soon as any app was opened, the fans spun on audibly and it would be a great annoyance.

It also connects in with my Apple ecosystem seamlessly, so that is a major upside, as well as allowing me to use apps such as Arc Browser.

Given the price, but also the capabilities, I'll definitely use this into university. Overall, it's a great laptop that has improved on many aspects of my old laptop.

Memory: 16GB, Storage: 512GB

🎧 Audio

I use AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) as my main listening device. It connects rather seamlessly with all my devices which makes it so convenient to use.

Its feature set is also rather impressive, with ANC, transparency mode and Find My on the case, I personally couldn't recommend them enough.

⌨️ Desk peripherals

The monitor setup I have is slightly overkill, with it being 2 32-inch 4K Dell monitors placed side by side.

That being said, the amount of screen real estate is especially useful where I have work on one monitor and email, messages, calendar and todos on the other.

Mouse: I use the Logitech MX Master 3S as my mouse on my desk. It is the perfect productivity mouse, with many reprogrammable buttons and a super-fast scroll wheel. I have its 3 connections paired to my Mac, MacBook and iPad.

Keyboard: I use a custom built Keychron Q1 Pro as the keyboard for my setup. I have a combination of KTT Kang White and Wine Red switches in it, as well as GMK Botanical clones and most importantly, a golden rotary knob. I did lube everything and the overall pleasure in using it makes it very enticing to type out long pieces of next.

Webcam: I have a Logitech BRIO 4K webcam mounted on top of my monitors. To be honest, I rarely use it nowadays, but before with remote learning and lockdown, it was very useful for video calls.

Microphone: I have a Blue Yeti Nano attached to a Rode PSA1 boom arm, and it is usually used for both remote learning and just calls with friends. Having my friends always comment on my audio quality is always a nice, endorphin releasing thing.

Speakers: I have two HomePod minis (orange and blue), on either side of my desk paired up for stereo sound. They definitely suit my limited audio needs of playing music very well and are very useful as smart home controllers for my lights and stuff.

Jerry Jin

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